Trans-related research


My goal is to on this page collect a systematic list of all research about or are relevant for the transsexual population. I will try to make no factual judgment about the content and conclusion of the research, I aim to make this list as complete as is possible.  This collections will be separated in several parts and will be divided mainly in research written in English and research written in Swedish – since my native language are Swedish. Each language will be further divided in research publicized in peer-reviewed journal and thesis’s written by students, these will be further subdivided into topics. The English thesis-part will be short, where thesis’s will be selected if the subject are not normally raised by research-papers. On the other hand the Swedish thesis-part will probably be rather extensive, as a result of it being my native language.

Each  paper will be presented with year, authors, title, where it was publicized and in some cases a short – one or two sentences – description.

If you have any comments or questions please contact me by e-mail.

Please note that this is a work in progress.


Research in English

Research in Swedish

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